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How Much Time did you spend in front of the PC following the horses?

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Over 369 days testing Bank has Grown 244% and 100% with the other

Strategies all explained below.

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24th May 2016 To 24th May 2017

Results for 362 days.

Backing 1st Favourite in Place Market in UK and Ireland

Strike Rate

Laying 5th Favourite in Win Market in UK and Ireland

Strike Rate


362 Days, with a £1,000 Bank:

Profit Was: £1,735.40

Bank Now at: £2,735.40



We use a VPS to run the Software 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

You can run it on your computer and start it each day before racing starts.

Yes, we had a few hard months, but that is to be expected,

the fact that the bot bets on auto means you don have to monitor it.

Where else can you get anywhere near these returns without

you doing a thing other than setting it up?


Backing UK/IRE

for the place Backing


See detailed Results Click Here


See the best days and more we win 66% of the Days.

114 Points, Growth on Bank 224%


This software bets on Auto Pilot without you or with you, it runs on the Betfair platform placing bets to your instructions.

When the market conditions match your settings the software bets them.


Time Poor, can not bet when you would like and missing Races? -We have your back, SAW bets without you to your instructions.
Want set profits each and every day? -SAW bets to your stop profit and stop loss commands, and will do want you want it to do.
Want a passive income from Horse Racing? -SAW can do this with or without you touching the software once you set it up.
Want to bet UK, Ireland, Australia, France, South Africa, USA, Singapore, New Zealand and more! -SAW can do all. or only the countries you want, plus Harness racing if you wish!
Want an easy to set up software, 24/7 monitoring? -SAW is it, Win, Place, Dutching all can run 24/7 if you want, takes only a few minutes to set it up. Done only once.
Outsource your Betfair Bets, like a virtual assistant?

-This is the software to do it.

See examples below.

Serious on your Horse Racing? Main questions answered above, carry on reading and watch the Video.



Watch the Video to See What all the Noise is About.

What Does it DO?


The software is designed to bet on horse racing that is covered by Betfair, (both throughbred and harness).

This software covers these countries.

  • UK
  • Ireland
  • France
  • Germany
  • South Africa
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • Singapore
  • USA

So if Betfair covers the meeting the software will also bet it, if you choose to, you have the option in what countries you want to bet.

The original SAAW software, bet on the Favourite (Betfair), and you could Lay and or Back it.

The staking is either Level staking, (done with the stop loss set at .01), or a loss recovery, that you control on the stop at a loss and stop at a profit settings.

We made the interface as simple as possible, as that was the request at the time, to have a simple software that bet hands of by you.

And the original SAAW did this well.

There were only a few simple inputs, like what odds you would accept, what time you wanted the bet to be placed. The commission rate your account was on, and the staking settings.

Plus what countries you wanted to bet.

Simple easy to use and reliable.

If you want to see more on the original SAAW software Click Here you will have a new window open so you don't lose your spot.



SAW DeLuxe was created.

Feedback from the clients was that they/maybe you even.

Wanted more, to streamline its workload (delayed races, Irish/UK races clashing, slow payouts on South African , USA and NZ races).

So we have attempted to answer as many of these requests, but still keep it simple to use.

Below you will see the video on the software, along with the specs changes.

We know have the 10 tabs to caterer for delays, so we can continue to bet even when races are slow in declaring, or clashes.

We have added the Mexican wave option, so it will move through the tabs, (explained in video).

Also the requests to have Dutching in the Software, ADDED.

And, clients wanted to be able to separate Non Handicap from Handicap, ADDED.

What about the PLACE Markets, ADDED

Extra Profit target (Profit Delta) to add after a loss, to backing bets, ADDED

The ability to transfer PROFITS to losing TABs, ADDED


Mexican Wave:

This feature when ticked enables the bets to be rotated through the tabs you have enabled (1 through to 10).

If you have this option unticked, then it will always use the first available Tab, so mainly Tab 1, if occupted then it will move to Tab 2.

Where if ticked it will move through 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 10, then back to Tab 1 (if you have the ten tabs enabled. You can enable as many as you want. See Fig 1.

Fig 1.

SAW DeLuxe enables you to control the 10 tabs, as far as Profit and Loss transfers, if a tab losses are mounting, you move money from winning to losing tabs, this control the recovery betting staking (if you are using that staking). See Fig2

Fig 2.

Meetings within a country choice.

You can also delete courses with a country should you wish, this is done with each of the Back, Lay and Dutch. So if you want a course included for laying, but not backing you can. See Fig 3.

Fig 3.

Missing a Race with in a meeting.

You can if you wish block races with a meeting that you want to stop the software betting. See Fig 4.

Fig 4.

What Horse does the software bet on?

This is covered in the manual, so download a copy Click Here.

The software allows options, on the Betfair Market ranking, so in Backing and Laying, you get to the choice off, 1st in the market (favourite), or the 2,3,4 or 5th in the market at the time you have set for the software to read the market.

And you choose the Win market or the place market.

And in the Dutch Betting option, you can bet from 1 to 5 in the market, and set the price range you are prepared to accept.

Staking how does that work?

The software allows you to set Stop Profits and Stop Loses. See Fig 5

Fig 5.

The settings above are for Backing, same for Laying, and Dutching.

  1. Profit Delta, this is activated once you have a losing back bet, it is extra profit that you are asking the software to make. So if you have say 5 losing bets before a winning bet is struck, you will win 4 times the Profit Delta along with the race target. This option is on backing only.
  2. This is the Profit you are after as soon as you have a winning bet. If you have the contiuned box ticked, then the software will continue betting. If unticked the backing part of the software will stop.
  3. This is the Profit you are happy with per tab, once reached it will continue if ticked, if not ticked that tab will not take anymore bets.
  4. This is the Profit you are happy with all tabs to reach, and once reached if ticked it will re start, if not the backing software will stop betting.
  5. None
  6. This is very important this figure, so pay attention. This is the figure that the staking must pass before it stops the recovery process. Once passed it will restart if (7) is ticked, if not the backing option of the bot will stop. If you DON'T want recovery staking set (6) option to .01 then it will not try to recover staking.
  7. This option is if the stop loss is passed then it will action this option, either continue at the start again trying to win the original Profit, or if Continue without restart it will continue to try and recover all losses, (NOT RECOMMENDED).

Please note in Laying, the stop loss, is very important keep it very low, as it can mean very high liabilities. eg. On .50 target, a stop loss at say 3.00 betting horses with odds of 5.5 to 8.5, can mean a 20.00 losses.


Strategies You Can Look At.

We were not going to put strategies in this web site, why?

Our clients have in most cases years, some over 50 years experience in racing, but still want a starting point.

And not always does a strategy in one country translate to a great strategy in another country.

But we realise that there are newbies visiting here also, so as to give them some thing to look at rather than a blank canvas, we are showing some backing and laying strategies we have been using while testing the NEW SAW DeLuxe Bot.

We have not looked at the 1st Fav Win (covered when we had the original SAW.) However the tabs and Mexican wave will make a difference in more races being covered.

Please remember, this is only a starting point, we encourage you to pave your own way and look at avenues that you can profit from.

Essentially, SAW DeLuxe is a Tool to allow you to follow strategies you have thought about but never had the time to follow the racing like this software can.

A bit like Stanley make the Tool (eg. screwdriver), some people will build fantastic things, produce amazing results, others will stab people or walls (gross I know), but it is still the exact same tool.

Also it gives you the opportunity to experiment with smaller stakes, we have used .10p stakes in the strategies you see below.

The results from small stakes can be surprising as you will see below.

The New SAW DeLuxe now allows you to bet the place and win market, and the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Favourite in the betfair market now which has opened up more options to you.

Backing, Laying and Dutching, so three separate options.

Plus the Mexican Wave option now allows you to manage tabs, if you wish to have greater control.

Tabs also mean now you will not miss races, as was a problem with the original software, especially if betting UK and Ireland with clashes and late starting races, protests and inquiry delayed races.

So while we will put strategies up here, please look for your own also, as you most likely have more ideas that we have thought of. Plus you may also be looking at countries like South Africa, or the USA which we have not looked at.

One thing you must keep in mine that the Stop Loss has to be past before the software resets. So if you are laying with a stop loss of say 10, and the loss is at 9.80 for that tab, the software will bet the next selection, as the 10 has not been past. So keep this in mine when setting Stop Losses. Especially in Laying, as a 10 stop on say 8-9 odds setting can lose you 80.

Stop Losses should be expected to be hit occassional, so please treat them with respect.

If you want to use a strategy without the stop loss staking, then set the stop loss at .01, and tick continue, this will produce level staking for you.




This is the bot interface with the settings:

The settings are conservative, but please stick to them, you can look at the end of the month if you want to increase.

But keep it in ratio with your bank.

And the bank I mean, the one for Backing ( which is separtae from the laying one if you chose to lay also).

The ratio is:

Stop @ Profit Per Race is 500/1 of Bank so on a 100 bank this figure is .20p.

Profit Delta should equal 500/1 of bank (same as above).

Stop All Tabs and Each should equal 10/1 of bank so on the 100 bank, that is 10.00

And most important one, Stop Loss each Tab is 10/1 of the bank. So once again on 100 bank this is 10.00.



These banks are for Backing the 1st Fav in the Place market.


We are making a new modification on the Lay Option, which will great increase the Lay Results, so we are not continuing with the Lay 5th Fav strategy until then.

See the 12 months of the Lay strategy, Click Here



What are they saying?

Martin managed to bring his retirement forward earlier because of this use of Original Stop At A Winner Bot,

Now he is using the new one... and writes.


And 68% Bank Growth in 6 days.


Meet Stephen J, he thinks outside the box.

Meet Stephen,

He is a guy that uses our bots to increase his income whether he is Tenerife, sunning on the beach drinking a cold beer.

Or working (by choice, retired and got bored).

In fact it was only 5 years ago Stephen was introduced to computers. Like a duck to water, betting, computers and the internet, Stephen has done exceptional well.

Don't ask him his strategies he wont tell you, I don't blame him.

All he continually does is email pics of his Betfair account.

And it is always on the up.

see below..

Email 30-6-2016

These are my current positions saw was £146 up when I lost the record log on mo day currently £318.38 up on top total £464 in 7 days is the second saw ready for same pc

7days £464.00, Stephen is running two SAW Deluxe software..

 Steve, is so excited he brought a Bot for his Daughter.

Here is her 500 bank after 5 days:

Yes that is £104.26 Pounds just using one strategy place backing.



Will you be the next to send us your success?




The first 45 days shows 1st place Fav UK/IRE on Betfair and the second Place Fav.


Small Bank makes £70.00 in 15 Days


Only Backing First Fav in the Place Market UK market.

Plus Dutching first 3 in the betting To Win.


What is needed to use this approach?

  • A Betfair Account, that you can Back and Lay on.
  • Patience and let the software do it's business.
  • Dont try and double your bank in a short time, steady grow will save the bank and all rofits to build.
  • Bank, you should allow a big enough to cover 4 losing sequences., better to be safe than grizzling, really it is best to be realistic. Split the bank into 4, and use that to start with.
  • Not neccessary but advised is a VPS (windows) so you can leave the bot running without having to touch it. You can do this once your bank is at a good level. If you don't know what a VPS is google it, basically it is a server (computer in a remote location, that runs 24 hours 7 days a week and you access it via your computer).
  • The "Stop At A Winner" software licence, you need a windows based computer to run this software, if you use a VPS then you can use ipads etc.
  • What is a VPS? If you are not sure Read about them here.


Original: Stop At A Winner Bot Features

SAW DeLuxe Features.

Backing: 1st Favourite,

Win and Place Market Only.

One race at a time, waiting to clear before progressing to the next bet. One Tab

Loss recovery staking, or level.

Covers all Betfair horse and harness racing.

Allow Harness racing.

Backing: First 5 in the betting (you chose).

Win and Place Markets

10 Tabs, so you will not miss races, if there are delays or clashin starting times.

Mexican Wave option (spreads betting).

Select, Non handicap or handicap races.

Profit Delta, adds an extra profit target if required.

Loss recovery staking, or level.

Covers all Betfair horse and harness racing.

Allow Harness racing.

Ability to transfer profits to losing columns.


Same as above.


Same as above. (except No Profit Delta)

Dutch Betting:

Not Available

Dutch Betting:

Backing Market, Win / Place

First 5 in the market (you chose)

Loss Recovery or Level Staking


Find Out More Grab the Manuals.






This ebook, tells you how the software works, and includes excel spreadsheets so you can do what the bot does manually.

Using the favourite only, but the new SAW DeLuxe allows the first 5 in the betting.

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Just Released NOW Greyhound Saw Deluxe


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Licence is for 1 Computer Only.


For Window Based Computers Only.

Can be used on Windows based VPN also.

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Please "Gamble Responsibly" 

Gambling is risky, do not bet with money you cannot afford to lose and be sure you understand what you will need to spend in order to get the returns indicated.



If you don't accept this offer where will you be with your punting in a month from now?


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